NEW The TinyLine Marker

Here at Bury Turfcare we have just purchased The TinyLineMarker by Rigby Taylor for marking out new initial lines or over-marking on a wide range of sports surfaces. These areas can be marked out very quickly, this machine is the next generation of line marking machines! Please give us a call as we strongly believe we can help save money and time!

Using the most advanced robotic technology from Rigby Taylor means a full sized football

pitch, with or without fixed sockets, can be initial marked in as little as 25 minutes!

  • All in good time we take the stress away from the pre-season work load

  • Store all your pitch dimensions on a GPS autonomous Robot tablet

  • Provide a fast response if your lines wash out

  • Eliminate ‘deep ruts’ on the pitch due to worn away lines caused by weedkiller

  • Provide the opportunity for you to release labour for other important tasks

Click here to see a demo from Rigby Taylor


Struggle in the peak growing season to Initial Mark sports pitches?

Have complaints about wavy, inaccurate line markings?

Have rutted lines from use of weedkiller to avoid repeat stringing?

Commit two men to spend two hours

stringing out a single pitch?

Have difficulty recruiting skilled staff who can mark out from scratch?

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