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Site survey, preparation, drainage and seeding or turfing.

Creating the perfect sports pitch or utility green space is not just about high-quality seed or turf. It's also about meticulous preparation. At Bury Turfcare we have the expertise and equipment to achieve excellent results. Therefore, you are assured of a level, robust playing surface which, with proper maintenance, will deliver great performance year after year.

Site Survey

The first step is to carry out a full site survey to assess the earthworks and drainage required. We will visit the site and compile a detailed project plan to meet your budget and timescale, including a site-specific drainage proposal.

Site Preparation

Earthworks will be completed speedily and efficiently using our own state-of-the-art machinery, including a 2.5-ton 360° digger, a 1.6m stone burier, Koro field top maker used for Fraze Mowing and a 1.5m rotavator. We can carry out everything from minor gradings to extensive 'cut and fill' operations.


Good drainage is essential to ensure playability in a variety of weather conditions. We are experts in creating efficient drainage systems, using the latest laser levelling technology and powerful equipment, including the award-winning Shelton Supertrencher 450.


Having seeded or turfed the site with high-grade grass, we will provide a suggested maintenance regime to keep the playing surface in optimum condition. We can provide a range of maintenance solutions at competitive prices. 

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