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Natural Grass - Turf Maintenance


Scarifying pulls out thatch and moss from the grass sward. The Koro Field Top Maker with the scarifying head uses 2 or 3mm blades in 40mm row spacing and the average working depth is 20mm deep. It can go down to a depth of 30mm depending on site requirements. The work rate of this machine is 18 greens completed in around 5 hours.

Sand Filler

The Sand-Filler uses 3mm blades at 40mm row spacings and the average working depth is 15mm deep. The sand or topdressing used for this process must be dry, as moist or wet material will not flow down to the bottom of the slit. We use approximately 25-35 tons of dry sand for 18 golf greens depending on their size. The advantage of this machine is that 15 greens can be treated comfortably in one day, with one machine and two of your members of staff plus our operator. The workload is then very manageable – If the demand is there, however, we can complete 18 greens in a day. With some other machines it can take 5 days with 5 men plus the machine operator to do 18 greens and it is very strenuous work.


Our overseeder is recognised as one of the best in the ground care business. It works with twin discs cutting through the grass sward into the soil up to 10mm deep at 75mm row spacing and at whatever seed rate is required.

Fraze Mowing

The Koro Imants Field Top Maker is a heavy-duty fraze mower, for removing unwanted surface matter such as thatch, weeds or the entire surface to a depth of 30mm per run. A side arm conveyor belt removes debris and transfers it directly into a trailer, leaving a level, even surface.

Hedge Cutting

Using the Becx Cutting Head with 3 motors, each with 4 cutting blades, gives a high quality cut with a supreme finish whilst mulching the debris and depositing it at the base of the hedge.

De-compaction Solutions


We use 13, 19 or 24mm diameter tines, depending on which machine is used and what each site requires. The working depth depends also on which machine is used . 150 to 250mm deep is the average depth worked. We have six Charterhouse verti- drains so we use the right machine for the right job. The verti-drain as its name suggests penetrates the ground and heaves at its maximum depth. This relieves the compaction, aids drainage and root growth which promotes healthy grass overall.

Hollow Coring

Our hollow corers range in size, but all work the same, removing a small core of earth which improves aeration, aids drainage and allows the grass to build its root system. A standard hollow core tine is 13mm, but we do use 6mm and 17mm and even 19mm tines depending on what is required on that site. We also have a core harvester which collects all the cores.

Top Dressing - Spreading Sand or Loam

Following scarifying or verti-draining, we can carry out top dressing with sand, screened soil, turf dressing, lime or fertiliser to revitalise the playing surface. We have different spreading machines for different materials, which are a drop spreader with a brush or a twin spinning disc machine. Both give an even spread.


The OxyShot is a grounds aeration machine.

The OxyShot has a single probe which is available in two diameters, the machine is compact and manoeuvrable allowing easy access to normally difficult to
reach areas.
The OxyShot’s probe blasts air in 4 directions at variable pressures to a depth and duration that the
operator requires down to a maximum of 500mm using the 25mm diameter probe, thus lifting, expanding
and de-compacting the soil. Visit the for more in depth information.

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