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Synthetic Grass

Maintenance SERVICES

It is a common myth that synthetic turf is maintenance free. However, this is simply not true; time and experience have proven this. Without crucial ongoing maintenance, a synthetic turf surface will deteriorate, leaving a dangerous and uninviting surface, not to mention the risk of loss of revenue and liability. To prevent this and get the maximum lifespan and return from your facility, it is imperative that it is cared for.

Here at Bury Turfcare LTD, we believe we have the answer. Our specialist equipment is managed by the experienced team we have here, and is not only able to maintain your synthetic surfaces, but able to restore some of the oldest surfaces back to their former glory. We have known well-maintained synthetic turf to last up to 25 years, highlighting the importance of keeping the surface in pristine condition.


We utilise the industry-leading Redexim Verti-Top Vac, which efficiently and safely cleans and maintains your synthetic turf. 


• A double row of spring tines decompacts infill and lifts the carpet fibres.

• A low-friction rotary brush lifts the top layer of infill and sifts the clean infill from the debris.

• A vacuum dust system collects finer dust and particulate, removing it from the surface.

• The clean infill is returned back onto the playing surface, while the debris is collected.

• A rear drag brush provides the finishing touch, leaving a clean, smooth playing surface.

Our Verti-Top Vac is complemented by two other effective Redexim synthetic turf maintenance machines: the X-Treme Clean, which will decompact the toughest of sand surfaces, getting additional lifespan from older surfaces, and the Redexim Verti-Comb, which is designed for brushing and de-compacting large areas of synthetic turf quickly and efficiently.

Bury Turfcare utilises the latest in Synthetic Turf Machinery to ensure your synthetic turf surface is cared for to the highest of standards, therefore safe-guarding the longevity, safety and liability. 

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